Lux Touch 3 - World Domination App Reviews

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Whats going on with ipad 3 ?

I just changed from ipad 2 to ipad 3 and now its impossible to play normally the game is very choppy, jerky. Please correct.

Risk on turbo

This is a tribute to the classic Risk. Love it and is still my favourite after 4 years! And did I mention its free? Whats not to like? Update: dont know why but playing this on a 4S causes a lot of battery drain compared to other games. Also causes the phone to heat up to the point its uncomfortable to hold. Im using iOS 6.1.2

Riss excellent

Excellent, for all risks lovers

Simple and fun

Thats it, simple and fun... Enjoy!!!

Cool implementation of the game

Nice to play and pass the time away, if only there was an option to turn off the App sound completely :-(


Amazing Game, but often freezing while playing!!


Fantastic game, but for decent AI youll need the pay version

Great App

Absolutly fantastic

If you like killing time

This is a nice game

Love this game!

1-2 times a day!

The new version isnt an improvement

Using the latest version that is supposed to have been updated for the latest devices, but what I see is problems with text that doesnt fit into boxes (country cards). Some stuff like the info about how many armies you get is so tiny now on an iPad Pro that you can barely read it. Luckily the engine seems to still work like in the older versions, but graphically this is a step backwards.

Just awesome!

Just a great but addictive game.

Awesome and addictive

I am a fan of strategy board games like Risk and was glad to find this one.

Play this game every day

This is a fun game that I play every day.


Had problem with upgrade on my iPad one but now works great and love new features.


The original version of Castle Vox is one of the best game I have ever played. But this one? just a joke.

Great fun

For those that love the original Risk.

Great game

It doesnt take long to finish a game but I still enjoy it. I wish the computer was a better opponent.

Great time killer!

Quick, fun, and done in 15!


I love this game. Thumbs up!!

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