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Lux Touch 3 - World Domination app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 432 ratings )
Games Entertainment Board Strategy
Developer: Sillysoft Games
Current version: 3.13, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 06 Oct 2008
App size: 53.61 Mb

Lux is a game of strategy and world conquest!
Similar to the board game RISK, but better!
Faster, free, with fun varied computer AIs!

Voted #1 iPhone game by readers!

Control the Blue armies and conquer the map.
Fight a virtual war to dominate the world.

- attack with 3 or more armies for best odds
- take over 1 enemy country per turn for a card
- fully eliminate an enemy and you get their cards

Lux Touch is fully FREE!
No in-app purchases!
No risk download!
100% free!

Get our premium game Lux DLX for...
- more AIs
- more maps
- more settings
- more hot graphics
- more human players
- more of your dreams come true

Lux Touch is a mobile version of Lux Delux,
available now for your desktop and laptop.

"Because taking over the world is fun!"

Lux is NOT associated with the board game RISK.

Pros and cons of Lux Touch 3 - World Domination app for iPhone and iPad

Lux Touch 3 - World Domination app good for

I am a fan of strategy board games like Risk and was glad to find this one.
Had problem with upgrade on my iPad one but now works great and love new features.
It doesnt take long to finish a game but I still enjoy it. I wish the computer was a better opponent.
If you like games that involve Risk then this game is for you.
Realistic version of Risk. Basic version doesnt have good AI though.
Hi Lux. I do love your app. Its a nice way to get my brain cells bumpin while on transit or wherever. I dont however like how the audio bits play while it have music running in the background. For a while your app allowed music to be listened to while playing along to the (silent) game, then an app update changed it back to the noisy version. The sounds app nothing to the game, they dont enhance it in any way. Its like sudoku with noise. Your game would be better if it had an in-game mute feature as so music could be listened to while playing, or just remove the sound entirely. Dont make us choose between listening to music and playing your game. Cheers

Some bad moments

I just changed from ipad 2 to ipad 3 and now its impossible to play normally the game is very choppy, jerky. Please correct.
The original version of Castle Vox is one of the best game I have ever played. But this one? just a joke.
Im happy for the developers of this game, people seem to like it. Personally I hate it - why do I lose a 15-1 battle? Why is yellow able to cut through Europe in 1 turn, but it takes me 4 or 5? I have a feeling that there are serious randomization bugs in your code!! Please fix!
I used it for years and enjoyed it extremely. Too bad the latest version is totally unuseable as it crashes all the time now
Im really surprised it got past the app reviewers, very half baked. UI is sometimes painful to use, some bugs cover the fact that this type of games has really big potential.
One star is too much... I used to play since ages. I tried the new version once and uninstalled straight away!

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